Fighting Fate

A past she won't let define her, a future she'll fight for.

For me? No one notices when the smaller packs trade and barter in the form of females. When I’d finally worked off my packs debts, I should have been free.

I wasn’t, and instead I was running for my life right into the arms of the future alpha of a bloodthirsty pack. For reasons I don’t know he makes me feel safe.

Drugged and without the ability to shift into my wolf I’m no more than human for now. This pack keeps promising I will heal and she will find her way back. In the meantime I’m stuck with an overprotective alpha who just agreed to an arranged mating with the pack I escaped.

Despite my experiences, I remain independent and determined to never be a victim again. I have trust issues and a guarded heart, but my fated mate proves to be the one person who can crack through my walls and heal the wounds of my past.

Trapped in a world of secrets and betrayal, she finds safety in the arms of her fated mate.

When I escaped I never imagined that I’d find my fated mate, but I’m not safe yet. I’m playing with fire now. The pack I sabotaged is after me for revenge - revenge for stealing Devon, the alpha of a blood thirsty pack.

But I have something the alpha’s daughter wants even more than revenge. She thinks I’m the one who could destroy her pack and her means to power. And now, my captors are determined to keep me.

My fated mate is the only one who can save me from my old pack's wrath. He’s powerful and full of dark secrets. He's been searching for answers about the kidnappings, and my abduction may be his only chance to uncover the truth.

Devon’s going to race against time to get me, if he’s still alive. I think I’ve proven I’m not good at being the damsel in distress.

I won’t lose him again.