Dragons Guide to Space Dating Series

Book 1 - Coming Nov 2023

She needs a man like she needs a meteor to the head.

Aurora's idea of romance includes dodging meteors, not catching feelings.

Marriage is the last thing on Aurora's mind, especially when it involves an dominate jerk from a distant colony. Despite her seemingly idyllic life, she's trapped in the shadows of her father's privileges, yearning for the freedoms denied to her.

Dragons on this alien planet are as egotistical as the human males she's dealt with, pushing Aurora to her limits. Celebrating two centuries of colonization feels like a hollow gesture on a world not so different from Earth, a place she's never truly experienced.

Dreaming of breaking free from the confinements of domed cities, Aurora dreams of escape. The catch? The only path out is by mating a dragon, an option she’d rather not. Even when one claims she’s his fate.

Amidst meteor showers and soaring emotions, Aurora must navigate between a future planned for her or one she never saw coming. She will have to choose between tradition or embracing a connection as fiery as the stars.