Google Hacks

Fifteen Hacks for G Suites

Learn how to hack Google Docs, Sheets and Forms to create engaging projects that support teaching and learning, including infographics and animated GIFs.

You may even pick up some secret Gmail tips, including how to send bulk email and protect it!

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Ready to pick up a few hacks for G Suites? Click the image below to get your own copy of the bingo card shown below.

4Google Drive 101

G Suite in the Classroom

New at Google Classroom? Explore this MMTS!

Google Classroom offers many opportunities for creating a virtual learning space. This multimedia text set (MMTS) will help you give you a quick introduction and overview of Google Classroom.

Use links below to explore Google Classroom

Embark on a GoogleQuest!

Ready for a more in-depth look at Google Classroom? Check out this hyperdoc on Creating the Right Classroom for Your Class. Notice the organization is a bit different.

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