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Glide is a service that lets you add information to a Google sheet, then quickly create an app from its contents, all without coding. Just pick one of your sheets and Glide assembles it into a polished app that you can customize, share with a link, and even publish to the app store.

Ready to Give it a Try? Check out these examples and follow these simple steps! And, here's a terrible video.

Four Examples

Example #1 - Get the Strategies That Work app

There are many more strategies that can accelerate student learning in one school year. Find out what those are via the TCEA TechNotes blog. The use of technology to accelerate learning is definitely something that TCEA supports. But we are also big believers in the use of the best instructional strategy for student learning.

Behind the Scenes

The Main Work Area

Quick Look at Item

That’s why we’ve offered this five-part blog series on research-proven ways to help students learn more, learn faster, and retain a greater depth of knowledge.

Be sure to read TCEA's Diana Benner's blog entry,

Example #2 - TechNotes Blog with Audio Interviews

App #2: TechNotes Blog

This a free app that shares insights into coaching for results, edtech and audio interviews.

Example #3 - Nancy Watson's Digital Citizenship app

Feeling Adventurous? Try Glide

1. Watch the video of Digital Citizenship advocate, Nancy Watson (@NancyWTech - ESC, Region 10).

2. Explore her Glide app that she created with Google Sheets.

3. Drop her a tweet @NancyWTech with #tcea hashtag to tell her what you think.

See - Nancy Watson's Creation:

Example #4 - Efren Rodriguez' Equipment HowTo app

Check out this amazing app featuring chemistry laboratory how-to info. In this example, Efren Rodriguez (@EfrenR) uses animated GIFs to explain how-to use equipment.

Get the app

(Link Updated: 2/2/2021)

Step 1 - Setup Your Google Sheet

Here's one example of the Google Sheet I used. Want a copy? Pay attention to the organization, such as icon, strategy description, effect size, etc.

One point to remember is that you can have multiple sheets and reflect those as tabs in your Glide app.

As you can see below, at the bottom of my Google Sheet, I have two tabs. Both of those tabs appear in the Glide app.

Google Sheet Tabs:

Glide App Tabs:

Some Tips

    • Save images you plan to use to Google Drive for easy sharing or Google Photos

    • Plan to use CC friendly images? Rely on copyright-friendly image sharing sites

Find a Wakelet with Copyright-friendly Media below for your use:

Step 2 - Go to the Glide website.

If you want to plunge right in, you can! Click NEW APP to get started. Or, you can study the BASICS first.

For your convenience, please find it shown to the right.

Automatic Updates: A great thing about Glide is the two-way connection between the app and the Google sheet. The app automatically updates from your sheet, so you don’t need to do anything for it to work: it’s automatic. This means edits and changes to your Google Sheet update quickly and without the need to relaunch the app.

Step 3 - Customize Your App

You can customize your app’s color, logo, and name. You can also create a URL for it. Most importantly, you can password protect it if you don’t want it to be public.

Need some ideas? Check these out on Twitter.

Did You Know?

Glide features a File Picker component is now free! Upload & attach files to rows in your spreadsheet, right from your phone, in a couple of taps.

Step 4 - Share Your App

Once you have created your Glide app, you can share it with others. They can scan the QR code or use a short web address that you provide them with.

As you can see to the right, Glide makes this process easy.