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Welcome to MeTwo's wiki site! MeTwo is a multidisciplinary engineering project spanning robotics and web development. As a part of UC San Diego's Divergent Engineering society, we are a group of curious minds, passionate learners, and dedicated contributors. Here, we foster creativity, teamwork, and growth in a wide range of engineering (and non-engineering) skills.

Site Map

  • Home: How to Use Wiki, Site Map
  • The Robot: Hardware, Sensors, Code; Brainstorming, Fast Prototyping
    • Microcontroller: RPi or DragonBoard 410c - Resources, Struggles, and Progress.
    • Hardware: MechE - Locomotion, Chassis, Lifts, Actuators
    • Electronic Integration: How all the electronics fit together
    • Power: Make sure the robot doesn't run out of juice - Self-charging, solar power?
    • Sensors: To sense and avoid obstacles appropriately.
    • Software & Algorithms: On-board software and algorithms that tell robot how to navigate its surroundings.
  • WebDev: Transmitting data between robot and user through a webpage and server
    • Client: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and User Experience
    • Server: HTTP, TCP Server and WebSockets.
  • Log: Meeting Summaries + Updates


The goal of this wiki is to make all knowledge of the project transparent to all contributors and enable everyone to learn and provide feedback to any corner of the project*. Since the wiki is constantly changing, there is no pressure to record only the permanent, polished stuff. I know it looks awesome already, but please, mark it up, go crazy, and do engineering. It'll be 1000x more awesome because of you.

What to do:

  • Add text, photos, videos, documents to the appropriate pages/subpages.
  • Click "PUBLISH" so the world can see your contribution!

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