MES Robotics

This Year's Challenge

Robot Builds

Quick Build

Clutch-hero robot

The Design Process

Step 1: Think about a problem or generate an idea. Don’t forget to write it down and/or draw it. Sometimes the problem or idea is given to you, but sometimes you come up with the problem or idea on your own.

Step 2: This is where you take action and “do” something to solve the problem or try to prove your idea. This is where you will build your potential solution.

Step 3: Test what you did in Step 2.

Is your problem fully solved? In testing, if you conclude the problem is not fully solved, then you have something more to think about. This means you write down or draw your next problem (that you see in testing) and repeat the cycle until your problem is fully solved. Always keep in mind that problems ARE NOT failures. They are an expected part of the design process!

Engineering Notebooks/Journals

The last 10 minutes of club we will be reflecting in our in Engineering Notebook/Team Journals.

Our Engineering Notebooks will be organized for the VEX competition preferences. We will include the following:

  • Table of Contents
  • Team info and Student Profiles
  • Each Club Date Reflection:
    • Team member names
    • Summary of what was accomplished during robotics
    • Problems or struggles your group had and how you solved them
    • Drawings/sketches of your robots and ideas
    • What are your goals for next week or questions you have about robotics