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FEATURED: Clean Deodorant

Exciting news: CLEAN DEODORANT IS HERE!!  This is probably the most-requested item, and we can finally share the Clean Deo, formulated without aluminum and without synthetic fragrances. It's also more sustainable, being recyclable and refillable.

Here it is!  Note there are 3 scents to choose from: Fresh Coconut, Soft Lavender, and Clean Rose. You can always switch up the scent later with your refill cartridge in a different scent. 

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As you may know, I strive to live a more healthy ‘natural’ life in terms of the food I eat and the products I use.  In terms of skincare and makeup, I tried out all kinds of crunchy, smelly ‘natural’ versions before finally finding a brand I’m obsessed with!

In a nutshell, Beautycounter makes high-performing skincare and beauty products without the potentially and known-to-be harmful ingredients in most products out there. I used their products for nearly two years (and was SO impressed with my skin’s transformation) before finally joining as a consultant in Aug 2017 to help spread the word.

Here’s why:

Beautycounter also lobbies and works with Congress to improve regulation of the industry as a whole; in the US, we're far behind the EU in terms of recognizing and banning harmful ingredients (1400 banned in the EU vs. only 30 in the US).  That's partly why I love it -- it's truly a mission-based company, and joining as a consultant has made that even more clear. (Like my skin!)  Learn more about Beautycounter's advocacy work here.

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