Summer Programs

While not a comprehensive list, these are some options that our mentees have explored in the past. If you'd like to let us know of other programs, please feel free to Contact Us with suggestions.

General Information

  • Clark-Fox provides a great list of summer academic programs
  • PeerLift has links to Scholarships, Internships, Summer Programs, College Fly-ins, and Study Abroad

Local Summer Academic Programs

Apply as a Freshman:

  • High School Summer Institute: Students can experience college life by taking morning and afternoon Institutes. These Institutes are noncredit, academic programs. Students also experience guest lectures, field trips, and small group activities.

Apply as a Sophomore:

Apply as a Junior:

National Summer Academic Programs

Open to Freshman:

  • Duke Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP): A three-week program for students grades 7-10, providing students with courses led by experts that are equivalent to a semester-long college course or a year of high school instruction.

Open to Sophomores:

Open to Juniors:

Local Fine Arts Programs