About Us

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help students and parents find and attend the ideal post-secondary educational program, help school counselors extend their college counseling reach, and build college-savvy communities.

Our vision is that every school community is college-savvy and that every high school student has a clear path to their ideal post-high school educational program and institution.

    • Mentors develop long-term one-on-one relationships with students AND parents to make sure they understand the requirements of all family members, thereby ensuring that: students find and get accepted to their “ideal” post-high school educational program; both student and parent needs are met; and family members are in agreement with the student’s ultimate college decisions
    • Mentors operate within a school, so they can relate to and accommodate each school's unique characteristics, culture and environment
    • We seek to work in tandem with school counselors so that together we can provide a seamless and successful journey to college or post-high school career paths
    • We seek to enhance the entire high school– in addition to those mentees who sign up for our program– by having local parents and community members become partners with their local school, and providing character education and role modeling to all students
    • We seek to develop self-sustaining teams of parents and community members who can provide long-term college selection support to their local schools and steadily increase community involvement in the schools
    • Our chapter-based system can be easily expanded to handle a large network of schools and geographic areas

Our Board of Directors

Dave Zuckerman

Dr. Lois Zuckerman

Dr. Jenny Marquart

Gwyeth Smith

Our History

Mentors 4 College, co-founded by David and Dr. Lois Zuckerman, has been up and running since 2011. We started at Parkway North High School in St Louis County, MO. Since then, we have:

  • added M4C chapters at Parkway Central High School, Parkway West High School, Bayless High School and St Louis College Prep
  • worked with over 400 high school students from our existing chapters, plus individual students from St Louis City schools, Clayton High School, Parkway South High School and other St Louis area schools

We currently have over 40 volunteer mentors who are professionally trained and give freely of their time to help high school students find and get accepted to their ideal schools.

  • Our mentors come from a wide variety of educational and work backgrounds, as well as from many different cultures, so we're able to pair our mentees with mentors who can understand their abilities, needs and goals.
  • We've designed the M4C system to be scalable, so we're able to support chapters at any high school in the country.

Awards & Recognition

  • The Parkway School District in St Louis County has awarded Mentors 4 College the Pillar of Parkway for 2017. Click here for details.
      • "This prestigious award is presented to individuals who have provided extraordinary service to the Parkway community and go beyond what is expected."
  • The St. Louis Jewish Light named David & Dr. Lois Zuckerman "Unsung Heroes" for 2017 because of our Mentors 4 College work.