Modified XCTF

Running is the purest, most natural form of exercise. It is the one sport that can be traced back to our earliest ancestors who ran to travel, work, hunt and for FUN! Cross Country running and racing recalls this primitive experience, but also bonds its participants into a collective experience in a very modern way. People who participate in XC are intelligent, energetic, positive and community minded. I'm so honored to be working with the students at BRMS in this capacity and with Coach Compson at MHS to develop a premier program. Let's have a great season!


SUMMER WORKOUTS-Voluntary and just for fun!

If you are free and you want to get a start on your season over the summer, I'll be meeting students at Mendon Ponds Park for some easy fun runs around the park. Generally, we will meet on Wednesdays and some Fridays, but check my dates. We meet at Stewart Lodge near the beach of Hundred Acre Pond(Douglas Road). We'll run some easy to medium intensity routes for about an hour from 8:30-9:30.

The dates are:

July 15, July 22, July 29

We'll resume:

August 19, August 21, August 26 and August 28

The real season begins on Thursday, September 3!!