"Our son Christopher has received love and attention along with one of the best educational programs I have ever been associated with. His progress has been remarkable. I feel he has received the best-pre school education offered anywhere. You have given him tools which will help him succeed in all of his future educational and practical endeavors."

Scott & Julie DePuis

Columbia, SC

"We just wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful enriching school. It has made such a difference for Michael and for me too. I go to work knowing he's in a stimulating loving environment-better than I could provide at home. So it makes the daily juggle of 3 kids more worthwhile. Thanks!"

Susan & Mark Nicolai

Irmo, SC

"Your school is so special! Under your guidance our daughter has a wonderful start in life. She is so confident and enthusiastic about learning!"

Lee & Margo Williams

Columbia, SC

"You should be very proud of MELC! Great kids, great teachers and a great school!"

Karen Albert

Columbia, SC

"Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this school!

You and your staff have provided the ultimate learning experience for these children!

What a gift!!!

This whole family has grown as a result of the MELC experience. We've learned so much and there's so much more to learn. But we're on the right path and for that we can never thank you enough.

Thank you for everything, especially the peace of mind that comes with knowing your children are in the best hands possible!"

Delia Poole

Columbia, SC

"You have provided our children with the desire and tools to learn. Probably more importantly you've helped them develop values during the most impressionable years of their life. Thank God there are teachers who care as much as you."

Steve Maun

Winston-Salem, NC

"Bobby and I want to thank you and all of your staff for the wonderful care and education you've given Alex for the past three years. He is growing up to be such a fine young man and I know a lot of it is due to the care and attention you and your staff have given him.

He loves school and all of his teachers and friends.

Learning is such fun for Alex and I know that's because of the atmosphere you have created in your school. It is an atmosphere of discipline, fun and the love and respect of each other. I feel he will always reflect those attitudes because of the good foundations you have laid."

Linda and Bobby Wood

Columbia, SC

"Thank you and your teachers for the wonderful experience you gave Jason at MELC. He has a solid foundation for his school years and is really excited about first grade."

Deborah Mann

Winston-Salem, NC

"Thank you for all the care and hard work you put into education my little one. I wasn't sure if your school would be right for her, but I can promise you I now have no regrets!"

Cindy Keller 9/91

West Columbia, SC

"Thank you for all you do to enrich the children's lives at MELC! We can see positive results in both Paul and Allan. Paul's self-esteem and ability to handle change have grown tremendously in the past three years. Thank you!"

Mike & Denise Hill 5/23/99

Irmo, SC

"Thank you for Savannah's wonderful education. She has been immensely blessed under your love, care and direction. We will forever be truly grateful to you and your teachers."

Deanna, Cas & Savannah Berry 4/3/03

Elgin, SC

"Thank you for taking such good care of Corinne during these three years she has been at MELC. It's always been obvious to me that you love the children and have tremendous experience from which to draw. Accordingly, I've found it easy to trust your judgment."

Michael Wiederman 5/20/03

Columbia College

"We will be always grateful to you and your school for giving Tanay a jump start. Thanks a lot for loving and caring for him.

Rayana & Sayay

I wanted to take time to thank you for an outstanding opportunity that you and your staff have given my kids. Isabella and Joey have learned so much in one year. I'm eager to see their progress in this upcoming year. Your staff is great!"

Betty DeFelice 12/03

Columbia, SC

"Dear MELC Parent Club Members,

Morgan and I both have thoroughly enjoyed the last two years at MELC. All the teachers and staff were wonderful, but the caring interest and involvement of the parents, was especially nice. I will miss the meetings, beach trips, parties and outings. Morgan will be returning for Christmas vacation, Spring break and the 1994 Summer session, so I would like to pay the Parent Club membership fee to help out with the planned activities. Feel free to call on me if you need some help and in turn I hope you will keep me abreast of what the club is doing."

Sally T. Williams 8/18/93

Columbia, SC

"I would like to thank you for the superior education that you instilled in my daughter, Amber. Because of this training, Amber was accepted at the best girls' school in Karachi. My wife had to teacher her Urdu and the Urdu alphabet and she was given a probationary status, but after three months they adored her. They could not believe that an only American child could be so cooperative, well mannered and pleasant. She was one of the best behaved children in the class because of your training and her respect for you and the guidance you gave her. Both my wife, Anjum, and I thank you."

Jeff Dawson

Karachi, Pakistan

"Greetings from the far North! We are still digging out from under the so-called "Blizzard of '93.'

Anna is doing well now after a very rocky start. W had to choose a school up here in a hurry and it turned out that we made the wrong choice. It was a Montessori school in name only and truly a spirit-killing place. The good news is that we finally got Anna out of there and into an AMI-accredited Montessori school three weeks ago, and she took to the new school immediately. The difference in her demeanor is night and day. Your school is a tough act to follow, but we are pleased so far. Kathy and I can't express strongly enough how blessed we feel to have been a part of your school, even for a brief period. We wish you all well."

Jim Young 3/22/93

Falls Church, VA

"Jan and I are amazed a how much Jan Michaels response to his new environment is positive. Positive so very soon, I might add. Apparently the chaos at his past school was stressful to him as he never cries before school nor hangs on to me as I leave him in the a.m. I believe that this new environment is treating him with respect, ‘big guy' mentality, and he is responding with "I'm a big guy" pride. We're very happy with you as his reaction is a happy one to his new school."

Liz Humphries 5/31/92

Montessori Early Learning Center

1101 Balsam Rd. Columbia, South Carolina 29210


Ina Lightner Fort, Owner/Principal