University of Memphis, 2013-.

19th Century French Literature. Survey of literary movements and major authors with readings in all major genres.

French Visual Culture. Study of major works of French and Francophone visual culture and cinema from a cultural perspective; readings in French theory and criticism; exploration of transformations in Francophone societies as reflected in visual culture; films by Méliès, Clouzot, Truffaut, Chabrol, Bachir, Sembène, and others. See syllabus.

Intermediate French. Comprehensive review of French grammar, exercises in writing, and readings in French literature and culture.

French Civilization. Culture of France as reflected in its history, social institutions, art, and music. Recommended for Foreign Language, liberal arts, and International Business majors.

Stanford University, 2007-2013.

Revolutions in Prose: The 19th-Century Novel. Taught with Professor Dan Edelstein to reconceive his second-year course on revolutions and the nineteenth-century French novel. Authors include Stendhal, Balzac, Flaubert, Zola, and Anatole France. Team-taught. Sessions in French. Winter 2013. (Part of a Teagle teaching grant.)

Thinking Matters: The Poet Remaking the World. Lecturer in new Thinking Matters course on poetry and social transformation. With Professors Eavan Boland (English) and Steven Carter (Asian Languages and Literatures). Authors include Owen, Kerouac, Basho, and Eliot. Responsibilities include teaching two sections, co-authoring assignments, and grading undergraduate papers. Winter 2012.

Education as Self-Fashioning: Learning for a Public Life. Instructor for freshman writing course in pilot “Education as Self-Fashioning” program with Professor Dan Edelstein (French). Responsibilities include teaching a section, co-authoring assignments, and grading undergraduate papers. Fall 2012.

Images of Women in French Cinema. TA for Professor Jean-Marie Apostolidès. Responsibilities included teaching two sections, co-authoring exams, and grading undergraduate papers. Spring 2012.

Outsiders, Conspirators, and the Masses: Nineteenth-Century French Fiction. Designed and taught. Looks at the emergence of new social types in nineteenth-century fiction: social climbers, dandies, amateur philosophers, impoverished students, master criminals, aspiring actresses, and political radicals. How do groups differentiate themselves in and by way of literature? Who belongs and who doesn’t? Which groups are heroized and which are villainized? Authors include Balzac, Stendhal, Sue, Nerval, Vigny, Flaubert, Zola. Taught in French. Spring 2010.

Philosophy and Literature. Teaching assistant for Professors Lanier Anderson and Joshua Landy. Responsibilities included teaching a section, co-creating assignments, and reviewing undergraduate papers. Winter 2010.


French Fiction in the Age of Imperialism


French and Francophone Visual Culture


Nineteenth-Century French Fiction: Outsiders, Conspirators, and the Masses Syllabus

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