Meica Danielle Magnani

I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Philosophy Department at Harvard University. I currently work with Embedded EthiCS @ Harvard, a team of philosophers and computer scientists integrating ethical reasoning into the computer science curriculum.

My main line of research spans the areas of moral, social and political, and feminist philosophy. In particular, I am concerned with the relationship between rational agency, autonomy, and social practices. I take as given that we, as human agents, are socially-embedded; our desires, ends, and reasons are shaped by the social contexts in which we live our lives. The question arises, then: how do we understand and realize the value of autonomy, or self-governance, when human agency is inescapably intertwined with the social terrain and relations in which it is located? I use Kantian practical philosophy, informed by feminist and social thought, to pursue this question and to examine moral and political problems, such as social injustice and oppression, that arise from our socially-embedded nature.

AOS: Moral Philosophy, Kant's Practical Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy

AOC: Feminist Philosophy, Kant's Theoretical Philosophy, Environment Ethics, Ethics of Technology

You can reach me at: meicamagnani [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu