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Which Types of Beauty Services Does NIMA Provide?

The National Institute of Medical Aesthetics is a licensed and registered training body within the United States. They have been responsible for providing education in the field of beauty, cosmetics, and aesthetics for years - and in that time they’ve become recognised as the leading training institute in the country.

With courses that include 1200 hours, 750 hours, and online alternatives, NIMA beauty schools have provided training across a broad spectrum of cosmetic fields to thousands of candidates and students. Some of their most popular courses include the following; all of which are available to receive bookings by members of the public whilst being provided by trained students, and supervised by experts.

This laser treatment is now considered to be at the height of its technology, and is ideal for anyone that wishes to have hairs removed from parts of their body on a semi-permanent to permanent basis. The process can be undertaken within a matter of hours (depending on the complexity and volume of hair being addressed), and as all practitioners will be supervised by a licensed specialist – the results can often be very high quality, whilst being more affordable than when using another salon.

Medical botox injections have been used to help fight the signs of ageing, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and provide fuller, plumper dermal layers that emanate youth. Most beauty schools will specialise in providing training to potential experts that go on to provide these types of services; with fillers and injections now being one of the most popular offerings in the country.

Body Contouring - Beauty Ideas For Moms

Excess fat has become a problem that 3 in 5 Americans face and with numbers on the rise; many people are looking for relatively pain-free ways to treat their unwanted fat cells. Fortunately, NIMA specialise in providing this type of training to their students, as well as offering this particular service to those in need. With the advanced contouring features, there’s no telling just how much fat could be eliminated. UltraShape for example is a technology that relies on ultrasound to breakdown fatty cells, while CoolSculpting can freeze cells and reduce their size as they diminish.

These services are some of the most popular offered by the NIMA facility and as any student hoping to offer them within a professional environment will be governed by a licensed expert, the results afforded will often be as high quality as those within salons - albeit at a lower price.

NIMA: National Institute of Medical Aesthetics

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