Mothers Breast Pumps

Who is eligible for free breast pumps?

Every woman with health insurance qualifies, but you may need to contact your doctor before your provider will move forward (some companies need pre-authorization from a medical professional to award the privilege). In general, you should be privy to support and counseling (both before and after birth), as well as the cost of the chosen pump.

It may be worth it to consider that your provider will follow any specifications set out by your general practitioner, so the pump that you will be eligible for may differ from the one that you initially have your eye on. There may be reasons for your doctor’s choice, so be sure to take the advice given.

Also, be sure to contact your insurance provider and your doctor separately - to ensure exactly what your terms and conditions are on both fronts. If you have a clear expectation of what is on offer, you will be better informed when making the most out of your decision to breastfeed.



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