Emory University Mechanisms of Learning


“Mechanisms of Learning across Development and Species” is a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Institutional National Research Service Award (NRSA) Training Grant co-directed by Drs. Patricia Bauer (Cognition and Development program) and Robert Hampton (Neuroscience and Animal Behavior program). Psychology faculty collaborate with faculty from other departments and the Neuroscience Graduate Program to provide new and unique training opportunities for graduate students across programs. The training grant provides three years of stipend and other expenses for two new fellows each year. Fellows will receive enhanced training through explicitly multidisciplinary research experiences spanning stages of development, subject species, or both. They will be advised by both their primary mentor and a co-advisor who studies a different age group or species. Fellows are required to enroll in the Mechanisms of Learning Project, a seminar course that emphasizes improvement of writing and other professional development. Each year, students in the seminar host the Mechanisms of Learning Forum, an intimate and interactive conference involving investigators and graduate students from other universities. Requests for applications are made annually in the spring. Applicants may also be awarded an Emory College Collaborative Research Catalyst Award in Neural and Behavioral Mechanisms of Learning, supported by the office of Dean Elliott.