About Us

Daniel Quatrone - Owner/Operator of Mebane Fabrication.

Like many others, I was introduced to machining during high school. I didn't continue with the trade, though, opting to continue my education in a scientific field. I moved to North Carolina in 1994. I stayed in my chosen scientific field for another two years. One day I found myself in front of a machine shop and decided to walk in and talk to the owner, whose name turned out to be Sam. He built lab equipment and industrial automation. I was really interested in what I saw. I decided then and there that I would become a machinist. Sam became my friend and mentor and I ended up working for him for many years.

From there I moved to other shops and eventually opened my own business with my wife, Kimberlee. Over the years we've bought and sold equipment, traveling all over the East Coast. We have built automation and fixed machines for local manufacturers. We have also built many custom items for our shop and for others. After Sam passed away, I realized that I needed to pass on what I learned from Sam and others. It was my duty as a tradesman. I got the chance when I walked into Alamance Community College in Graham, North Carolina to fix one of their machines. I started talking to the Machining Director and after his machine was fixed, he asked if I would consider taking a part-time instructor job teaching others the trade. I took the job and have been teaching machining for over 15 years.

On this website you'll find samples of items I've machined and fabricated, as well as some custom-built machines. You will also find a link to some of my videos and my YouTube page. Please enjoy.