The Toast

Congrats - you've made it back in one piece...just the way we like! Hopefully, you've had thoroughly enjoyed your flight and the information from the pilot on your ride back to the launch site. Don't run off - there is, at least, one last task to complete.

Following every flight, any reputable commercial ride business will break out the champagne for a toast. We use the champagne of a local winery, just like they did on the first flight over 200 years ago. However, you will notice that we don't often break out the bottle of alcohol and share with the landowner...sometimes, that's just not the right thing to do. We will wait until we return to the launch site to celebrate our flight.

A common toast shared in many languages in many countries is all the same and is called "The Balloonist's Prayer."

The Balloonists' Prayer:

The winds have welcome you with softness

The sun has blessed you with it’s warm HANDS

You have flown so high and so well

That God has joined you in laughter

And set you gently back DOWN

Into the loving arms of Mother Earth

All this fun does come at a price. Most flights will require a deposit be made to secure the date and time of the flight. Once the flight is completed, the pilot will ask for final payment. We do this so you can focus on the experience of flight and to ensure you have the best time possible.


We often get asked if we accept gratuities and if so, what is normal? The short answer is, yes. However, the decision is completely yours. While I do have a biased opinion here, I will be honest with you - your crew work hard to ensure your experience is safe, enjoyable, and to ensure it is something you tell your friends about and will talk about for years to come. With our company, we do this because we enjoy it...not to make money from it.

That said, gratuities are always welcome but are never required. As a crew chief, I have received tips from $0 - $150. The choice is yours!

Thank you for reading... I hope you have enjoyed the material and hope you take the adventure of a lifetime soon. I know you will love it!

Check out my gallery of pictures. You will see that majority of the pictures are of Bella Balloons Hot Air Balloon Company. As I mentioned earlier, I highly recommend flying with us if you are close (within the state of Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana). We will take care of you!