can you believe it? You're Flying!

You've slowly ascended into the sky under a balloon made of nylon - a piece of fabric that likely weighs upward of 300 lbs. You've just made history - you are now only 1% of the population that has ever taken a hot air balloon ride.

Take the next 45 minutes to take it all in. Take pictures, ask questions of your Pilot, get involved and comment on landmarks in the area. Most of all, breathe. You are flying about 500' - 2000' above the ground.

Listen...Do you hear that? There are dogs barking, people talking, and kids yelling to say hello! You can hear everything. The difference is amazing. You can even hear a deer walking through the leaves below.

Enjoy the experience as it will be over before you know it!

If there is a lake in the direction of flight, watch out! Balloon pilots like to wash the bottom of their baskets by performing a maneuver called a "Splash-n-Dash." While flying, the pilot will drop the balloon down so that only the skids break the water's surface. I'll just say, some pilots are better than others at doing this. Hope you have waterproof shoes on! LOL! This is a perfect Splash-n-Dash!