Daily Text Podcast How-TO

This page is for anyone who would like to participate in creating the podcast by recording segments for a future episode. On this page you will find all the instructions, suggestions, and information you need to participate. Once you have that, all you need is a smartphone and a copy of the Moravian Daily Texts.

If you want to know more about the MCWW Daily Text Podcast Series or listen to an episode, visit the Podcasts page.

Sign Up

Want to appear on the MCWW Daily Text Podcast Series? You can sign up for one or more episodes by clicking the button below.

Setting Up the App

  • Download the Anchor Fm app on your mobile device.
  • Open the app and either create a new Anchor account or log in to your existing Anchor account.
        • On the opening screen...
              • Press Get Started to create a new Anchor account.
              • Press Log In to use an existing Anchor account.

Using the Anchor App

Here are instructions on how to record.


  • Once logged in, find the MCWW Daily Text Series.
        • Press Listen in the bottom left corner.
        • Search "MCWW Daily Text Series."
            • NOTE: If your initial search results come up empty, make sure you are on the right search tab. Anchor allows you to search by Podcasts, People, or Episodes. In this case, make sure Podcasts is selected.
            • HINT: When you find MCWW Daily Text Series, press the "star" to favorite the podcast. It will make it easier to find in the future.


  • On the MCWW Daily Text Series in Anchor...
        • Press +Message near the top.
        • Follow the on-screen instructions to record your message.
              • NOTE: There is a 60 second maximum to your message. If you keep scrolling down to the instructions on CONTENT, this is why you will see that you will be sending three total messages for one podcast episode (one for the readings, one for your reflection, and one for the prayer).
              • NOTE: Don't worry about messing up. When you stop recording, you will be given the option to re-record ("Undo").


  • When you finish recording and you like how you sound, you can send it.
        • Press Save.
        • Title your recording - (Your Name, Episode Date, Message 1/2/3)
        • Press Send Message.

As stated above and below, you will be recording three separate messages for one podcast episode (one for the Daily Text Readings, one for your reflection, and one for the Daily Text prayer). Therefore, you will be repeating the above process for each individual recording.

The Content

Here are guidelines and suggestions on what to record.


Do NOT read the hymns. (MCWW does not own the rights to the lyrics.)

Do NOT introduce yourself. (MCWW will do that for you.)

For one podcast episode, you will be recording three separate messages.

MESSAGE 1 - The Daily Text Readings

This part is straight-forward. If you would like, give a quick “greetings,” then say the date, read the watchword for the day, and read the doctrinal text for the day.

Example: "Hello! Happy to be on the show today! Today is (Day, Month, Date). The Daily Text for today is ..... . And the verse chosen to go with that (AKA: Doctrinal Text) is .... ."

MESSAGE 2 - Your Reflection

Here is your time to get creative. In this section, share any reflection and thoughts you have relevant to the texts chosen for the day. This can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Below are some ideas to get you started:

      • Mention any message or reminder that you are taking from the texts.
      • Mention any personal connections to the texts. ("This was my confirmation verse." "This was my mother's favorite verse.", etc.)
      • Mention any personal connections to the day. ("This is my birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation, etc.")
      • Mention anything of importance about the day and how it connects to the texts (i.e. holidays, anniversaries, historic events, etc.)

MESSAGE 3 - Reading of the Daily Text Prayer

This last part is another straight-forward part. Simply read the assigned prayer found in the Moravian Daily Text.

Please remember to title each message appropriately.

(Your Name, Episode Date, Message 1/2/3)

When to Submit Recordings

MCWW encourages you to submit your recordings to us well in advance so the podcast episodes can be assembled and published in advance. At the same time, and equally as important, MCWW wants your reflections on the Moravian Daily Text to be relevant to what is happening on the day of the podcast. Therefore, set yourself some reminders. Even a few days in advance is greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Thank you for lending your voice and reading the Daily Text! You are engaging in a centuries-old tradition that has helped millions of people find hope, renewal, and guidance each day. May God bless you with joy, wisdom, and insight as you bring the Word of God to life in voice and spirit!