Moravian Church Without Walls

Watch the Moravian Christmas Marathon Live!

Watch 10+ hours of Moravian Christmas Content Live on Youtube for 96 straight hours starting at 12 am ET on Christmas Eve!

Join MCWW for live online worship on Sunday's at 11 am ET / 10 am CT. Click here for more information about our upcoming service. You can join from the info page, or click here to join live.

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CLICK HERE to watch replays of the MCWW services held on Sundays since March 15, 2020. We have had leadership from across the Northern and Southern Provinces of the Moravian Church in North America! Enjoy the great variety and creativity we have seen in worship in these services!

Want to see the results of our "Moravian Madness" tournament challenge? CLICK HERE to be taken to our tournament page.

Our Mission

Moravian Church Without Walls practices a stewardship of technology to form relationships so that connected individuals can be bold in faith, be strong together, and continue claiming Christ's mission as their mission wherever they reside.

MCWW recognizes that there are parts of the physical world and the digital world where it is difficult to find a community of Moravians. MCWW aims to help with that through our ministries, events, and experiments.

“Moravians recognize that community does not depend on being close together physically, it’s a spiritual reality, but it needs to be nurtured.” - Rev. Dr. Craig Atwood