Research Projects

On-going Projects

  • A Novel Contactless ANFIS-EMG Wearable Device for Diabetic Sensorimotor Polyneuropathy.

  • QataCOV-19 Project

  • Development of Smart Wireless Bio-mimetic Nacre like Metal-oxide/Polymer/Ceramic Composite Implants for Bone Revision Surgery Retardation.

  • Personalized Monitoring and Advance Warning System for Cardiac Arrhythmias

  • A Novel Real-time Simultaneous In-sole Pressure and Lower-limb Muscle Activity Monitoring System for Early Detection of Diabetic Polyneuropathy

  • PrEdicting RIsk earLy in COVID-19. The PERIL study

  • Early Anomaly Recognition System for Qatar-2022 (EARS Q2022)

  • Feasibility study for small scale farming using Farmbot in the natural environment of Qatar

  • A novel multi-modal system using electroencephalography and keystroke dynamics for user identification and authentication

  • COVIDCARE: An IoT Platform for Remotely Monitoring the Vital Signs of COVID-19 Patients

  • A Smart Insole for Early Detection of Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU) using Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG)

Accomplished Projects

  • A low-cost, wearable real-time anemia detection using finger clip and a smartphone application

  • An Intelligent and Low Cost Eye-Tracking System for Motorized Wheelchair Control

  • Design and Implementation of a Wearable Smart Insole for Studying Altered Vertical Ground Reaction Forces (GRFs) in Diabetic Sensorimotor Polyneuropathy (DSPN)

  • Wearable Arabic Sign Language Interpreter System (WASLIS) for Deaf and Mute People in Qatar and Arab Countries

  • Wearable Real-Time Heart Attack and Epileptic Seizure Detection and Warning System to Reduce Car Accidents in Qatar