Major Grants

National Research Priority Program (NPRP)

Lead-Principle Investigator: NPRP12S-0227-190164, “A Novel Contactless ANFIS-EMG Wearable Device for Diabetic Sensorimotor Polyneuropathy”, $600,000 USD, 2020 -2023.

Principle Investigator: NPRP11S-0102-180178, “Development of Smart Wireless Bio-mimetic Nacre like Metal-oxide/Polymer/Ceramic Composite Implants for Bone Revision Surgery Retardation”, $600,000 USD, 2019 -2022.

Principle Investigator: NPRP11S-0108-180228, “Personalized Monitoring and Advance Warning System for Cardiac Arrhythmias”, $400,000 USD, 2019 -2021.

Qatar University Internal Grants

Principle Investigator: Qatar University IRCC Grant: QUIRCC-CENG-2021-1, “A Novel Real-time Simultaneous In-sole Pressure and Lower-limb Muscle Activity Monitoring System for Early Detection of Diabetic Polyneuropathy”, $ 125,000 USD, Jan 2021-Dec2022.

Principle Investigator: Qatar University Emergency Response Grant: QUERG-CENG-2020-1, “PrEdicting RIsk earLy in COVID-19. The PERIL study”, QAR 120,000, June 2020 – Dec 2020.

Principle Investigator: Qatar University High Impact Grant: QUHIG-CENG-2020-2, “Early Anomaly Recognition System for Qatar-2022 (EARS Q2022)”, QAR 600,000, Jan 2020-Dec2021.