Student & Parent Resources

MMS Counseling Recommended Resources

The Issaquah School District and the community offer many resources for families. We've done our best to include a broad range of these websites and helpful tips for middle school families here.

Issaquah School District Couseling Services page

Washington State OSPI-general academic and testing info

Section 504 Plan Information

College Bound Scholarship

ADD/ADHD community resources

Bullying Resources

Depression & Suicide Prevention - includes signs to look for and where to seek help

Grief Resources - information teachers, students, and families about processing sudden losses of friends, classmates, and family members

Parenting Resources - includes book recommendations and tips to keep communication lines open and strengthen relationships

Stress & Anxiety - tools for parents and teens to cope with these issues

Teen Health & Sexuality Resources - topics includes eating disorders, brain development, talking about puberty, and healthy eating for teenagers

Office Suite- free access for ISD students to Microsoft Office Suite

Academic Resources

Tutoring & Mentoring Resources

  • Tutoring company for Math - Prime Numbers: is located in Issaquah. It could be a support to consider as they work with the same math curriculum as the Issaquah School District.
  • Khan Academy: offers online practice lessons and tutorials at home for free. It has great resources for students to work through math concepts that are difficult for them. You can simply search a specific math concept and many lessons and tutorial will pop up.
  • Study Zone: The King County Library system provides a list of tutors for all core subjects including math. You can search by location, to determine what area is best for your family.
  • VOICE Mentors- Volunteers in the community who have been vetted through the ISD VOICE Program who are available for free weekly tutoring to assist students in need of further support. Please email your student's Counselor so they can put your student on the current wait list.

Community Resources