Welcome to My Website

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Mays Imad. I am a neuroscientist, a post-secondary educator, a student, and a seeker.

During my undergraduate philosophy training, studying consciousness and metaphysics inspired me to look deeper into the brain. As a graduate student of neuroscience, I discovered the perfect balance of complexity, uncertainty, and empirical epistemology. Neuroscience integrates information from various levels of complexity–from behavioral profiles to molecular structures. While it may seem deceptively simple, a scientific phenomenon cannot be reduced to a just behavioral profile, one must also understand the organization of its basic components into a system and as part of an ecology. This necessitates a commitment to the idea of life being bound by physical laws that are subject to unbroken regularity as well as metaphysical laws that are not readily understood or quantified. I believe that the most rewarding way to explore and understand life is through scientific methodology combined with relational and phenomenological epistemology.

To this end, I use my background in an attempt to remain at the forefront in advocating for and putting into practice educational innovations that not only help students to achieve their greatest potential, but also enrich our community and contribute to the advancement of the democratic ideals of opportunity, empowerment, truth, and justice.