Hair Education


When you visit Maximeyesd Hair Education, you will enjoy a bright, relaxing and cozy interior offering some off road and local parking. I offer one to one appointments, so every aspect of your service is carried out by myself. This unique arrangement fosters trust and confidence, ensuring you get the best care and attention possible for you and your hair. I understand the importance of a professional and friendly environment and as your stylist you will find me thoroughly approachable.

Throughout the many years of hairdressing, my experience covers all hair types - Afro, Caucasian and mix hair textures. I have spent a lot of years as a lecturer, teaching in Further Education with collaborative industrial skills. All of these experiences have contributed to the reason why I love what I do, and I'm sure you will notice.

If you are looking for hair education, regardless of your hair characteristics, then you will find the consultation, professionalism, advice and assistance I offer to be refreshing. My promise is to inject technical excellence in all of the services I offer to clients.


..."I cannot believe I am 45 years old and this is the first time I have had a consultation like this"


"Do you know how many complements she gets. I don't know what you do but whatever

you do to my mum's hair, she gets so many complements.

People just love it"


"Oh what a lovely salon and such a relaxing atmosphere. You get honest advice and I came away with suitably recommended products but only what I needed in order to keep my hair looking good. Ladies and gents visit and see for yourselves. Hair washed whilst your back is being massaged oooh lurrvly"


.."nice nice, my hair looks good girl"


..."it makes you want to put her in your pocket"


Find me approximately 2 miles from Huddersfield town center heading in the direction of Waterloo along the A269

507a Wakefield Road




West Yorkshire

Tel: 0798 684 1611