Here at Maximeyesd Hair Education your hair type will be catered for. There are wide range of services available for straight, curly or frizzy hair. All hair characteristics, Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 are catered for. So whether you refer to your hair type as Afro, Caucasian or Asian etc., you needs can be met.


You may wish to shampoo at home and just book in for a Dry style because you like the salon finish but want to keep your service affordable.

Ladies & Gentlemen, a Wash & Blow dry, Heat style is available to you with or without a Chemical service.

Natural Hair most people will be familiar with if they have Afro hair. So if this is the hair type you have - a Wash & Blow dry or Heat style or just styling you Natural hair is available to you.

Additional to services

Full consultations are offered with or without a technical service. Your Chemical service will commence after a full consultation and relevant tests.

A professional range of Conditioning Treatments are available both as a salon service and for personal home maintenance

When undertaking a Cutting services you will be helped to understand the benefits and the importance of this for your hair.

Hair - Up appointments can be whether you require shampooing beforehand or not.

Do you wear Locks but you wish they did not take so long to dry after shampooing! So why not book in to have the majority of water removed in a short visit. Thereafter, you locks will dry in quick time.


The various services are available as part of a complete finished service or as an application, removal and go. The choices are:

Permanent colour

Hairline application

Highlights F/H

Partial Highlights

Semi-permanent colour

Colour correction

NB: The process of colour correction and re-colouring hair can be a long process. A consultation would take place prior to the start of the service and continually throughout.This type of service could be a little or a lot of hours. Throughout the process the safest development methods with be applied and hair structure strengthening treatments used at intervals throughout. All of these considerations are reflected in the pricing. #Blow dry & Finish is included.

Where colour change/correction is done over a period of time. General service prices will apply.


During your consultation i will determine if our hair is Un-compromised or Compromised. The appropriate chemical Relaxer will be selected according to the outcomes. This service requires a full consultation prior to the service booking for new clients.

Wedding Preparations

You may not have considered this, but you wedding day is too important for you not to plan your look. By taking the opportunity to "Trial your Style" in advance you are less likely to be disappointed on your special day. Why not book an appointment where you can discuss

Your Look

Hair-styling options

Discuss what is achievable

Trial hair ornamentation

Work out timings

Semi permanent Smoothing System

Known to some as Brazillian blowdry or Keratin treatments. The treatment helps to manage your hair texture or curl without the use permanent straightening systems. You decide whether you have your service little or often.

See the fantastic results of hair one year on after the first treatment service...

Hair is treated with a mild chemical smoothing system to make natural curls more manageable. Texture Release gives you the versatility of wearing your hair straight or curly.


"Ideal clients for this product?

  • Client requiring no chemical commitment
  • Client who is transitioning
  • Client wishing to elongate natural curl pattern
  • Client requiring styling versatility
  • Client wishing to maintain natural texture in between blow drying"

Call now and book an assessment appointment to see how Texture Release can enhance your hair on

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