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Exhibits: Tours of the Wolcott House available fridays & saturdays starting november 5 - december 18, 2021


Reservations not required. Please try to arrive and start your tour before 2:45pm.

Check-in at the Front Door of the Wolcott House.

Admission: $5.00 Adults; $4.00 Seniors; $2.50 Students

NEW! We are offering self-guided tours of the Wolcott House. You can use your cell phone or we have MP3 Players you can use. If you have ear buds or heads phones, please bring them, otherwise we have loaners. WE LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR VISIT!


Northwest Ohio History Journal

Northwest Ohio History (formerly the Northwest Ohio Quarterly) is a regional journal of history and culture published biannually by the Maumee Valley Historical Society. Published since 1929, the journal features scholarly essays, book reviews, and edited primary documents relating to the Maumee Valley, Northwest Ohio, the Western Basin of Lake Erie, and surrounding regions.

Northwest Ohio History is actively seeking unpublished scholarship addressing Northwest Ohio's political, military, social, economic, cultural and ethnic history and invites articles related to all aspects of Northwest Ohio's heritage and culture.

Northwest Ohio History is published by the Maumee Valley Historical Society and edited in the Department of History, Lourdes University.

Correspondence concerning subscriptions, the purchase of individual volumes, and the availability of past issues should be addressed to:

The Maumee Valley Historical Society

1035 River Rd., Maumee, OH 43537

Phone: 419-893-9602

Email: director@wolcotthouse.org

Correspondence concerning manuscripts and books for review should be addressed to the Editor, Northwest Ohio History:

Dr. Dwayne Beggs

Department of History

Lourdes University

6832 Convent Blvd

Sylvania, OH 43560

History Department Telephone: 419-824-3648

Email: ABeggs@lourdes.edu

The Maumee Valley Historical Society collects in areas relating the history and culture of the Maumee Valley. Explore the history of the Maumee Valley with us!