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Visit the Box Schoolhouse (circa 1850)

Thanks to the Box family of western Lucas County, the 1850 one-room country school was added to the museum complex in 2006. It provides a wonderful venue for visitors to learn about education in the mid 1800's. We hope to re-open the Wolcott Heritage Center in Spring, 2021 to welcome visitors back to visit our historic buildings. If you would like to book a group tour for 2021, please email

The Maumee Valley Historical Society is celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment on August 18, 1920, which gave women the right to vote in the United States.

Opening next spring at the Wolcott Heritage Center, the Maumee Valley Historical Society is proud to present "The Iconic Suffragette". An exhibit focusing on the women who led the suffrage movement. We will present their stories, words and actions. Beautiful original garments of the period, from the MVHS historic clothing collection will also be on display throughout the Wolcott House.

Our six acre complex includes:

-The Wolcott House

-The 1902 Historic Monclova Church (available for wedding & special event rentals)

-The 1840s one-room Box Schoolhouse

- The Gilbert-Flanigan Farm House

-The Log House.

-1890s Clover Leaf Train Depot and Caboose

Bob Degler of Maumee and his Grandson Aiden Degler visit the Wolcott Heritage Center grounds daily during their 3 mile walk. 5 year old Aiden starts school this year and enjoys looking through the windows of the historic Box Schoolhouse and the caboose.

Maumee residents Matthew Schultz and Nicholas Filipovich visit the Wolcott Heritage Center to catch Pokemon.