PATTIE the Full Scale Humanoid Telepresence Robot

Currently under development, PATTIE is Faerber's most ambitious project to date. PATTIE is a five-foot tall humanoid robot with the following features currently working:

  • Wide angle camera
  • Distance Sensor
  • Touchscreen
  • A fully articulated arms with hand
  • Head with pan and tilt ability
  • Wheels
  • Complete control via WiFi
  • and more!

Future upgrades include the second arm/hand, multiple cameras (including night vision), spotlights and an aluminum body.

PATTIE's purpose is two-fold: to engage museum visitors and for outreach. Because of PATTIE's wireless abilities she can be controlled over the internet so that people that cannot physically visit the museum have the chance to take a virtual, guided field trip by seeing what she sees, conversing with museum staff, and controlling her actions.