Matthew Dennion Author Page

Welcome to the Author page for Kaiju and Superhero Matthew Dennion! Enter my world of Myths, Monsters, Cryptids, Crime Fighters and Demons! (Home page art by Denny Roth). Here you will find links to my books, fan artwork, links to YouTube Channels I have appeared on, and more!

Biography - Matthew (Matt) Dennion lives in New Jersey with wife and two daughters. Matt works primarily as a teacher of students with autism and an SLE (Structured Learning Experience) Coordinator. He has loved giant monster and superhero stories his entire life. He began writing short stories for Black Coat Press and G-Fan magazine in 2007. In 2015 he began writing kaiju novels for Severed Press. His current works for Severed Press include Chimera Scourge of the Gods, Operation ROC, Atomic Rex, Polar Yeti, Atomic Rex: Wrath of the Polar Yeti, Kaiju Corps, Atomic Rex: Conquest of Chimera, Operation Megalodon, and Valley of the Dinosaurs. He has recently began writing comics book in collaboration with other creators. His comic works include Draco Azul/ Atomic Rex; Shadow of the Raptor with Andres Perez and Irokus x Atomic Rex Avatars of the Apocalypse with Frank Parr and Wayne Smith. Matthew has a line self-published novellas including The Kaiju and the Crime Fighter and Raptor Tales: Heroes and Monsters. All of Matt's novels and comics are available on Amazon in print and digital formats. Along his friends Andres Perez and Chris Martinez, Matt has also created the charity Kaiju vs Cancer, through which creators use their monsters and heroes to team with St. Jude Children Research Hospital to battle childhood cancer!