Matteo Pinna

Ph.D. Student at ETH Zurich

Law, Economics, and Data Science Group

Research interests

Political Economy, Behavioural, and Experimental Economics

Referee Work for Journals: Information Economics and Policy, Political Research Exchange, Stata Journal.

Revision Requested

"The Effect of Fox News Channel on U.S. Elections: 2000-2020" with E. Ash, S. Galletta and C. Warshaw, American Political Science Review (revise and resubmit)

Media coverage: [ Vox-The Weeds]

"Are gender differences in risk attitudes weaker in representative samples?" with M. Casari and A.S. Saral, Journal of the Economic Science Association (revise and resubmit)


"The Effect of Fox News on Health Behavior During Covid-19" with E. Ash, S. Galletta, D. Hangartner and Y. Margalit, Political Analysis (accepted)

Media coverage: [The Atlantic] [Hollywood Reporter]

"Cable News and COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake" with C. Goessmann and L. Picard, Scientific Reports (2022)

Media coverage: [VoxTalks & VoxEU] [The New York Times] [Washington Post (1)] [Washington Post (2)] [The Atlantic] [MSNBC] [Daily Kos] [TPM] [SF Chronicle] [The Stranger]

"Binned scatterplots with marginal histograms: binscatterhist", Stata Journal (2022)

Working Papers

"Cognition, Personality, and in-group Favouritism Among Children" with P. Biroli, A. di Girolamo and M. Drouvelis (2019)

Software ( 15073 packages downloads as of Oct 2022 )

"MULTICOEFPLOT: Stata module to produce advanced repeated cross-section graphical analysis" (2021)

"INLIST2: Stata module to create an inlist() dummy, without inlist() limitations" (2021)

"BINSCATTERHIST: Stata module to produce binned scatterplot with marginal histograms"(2020)