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New Workshop Announced

Our workshop has officially maxed out!

If you are interested in an additional session on Wednesday, August 15th (same time, same place) let us know on this Google Form

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This day long workshop is designed to help attendees think about best practices when mixing math and technology together. Presenters will walk through a series of different math activities/challenges (ranging from content areas - algebra, geometry, data collection, etc). Attendees will actually complete tasks together as students would in class. Then, the presenters will help take the mystery out of how the activity was created from start to finish.

You bring your laptop/chromebook and we'll provide the lunch.

Find yourself teaching middle/high school math in our digital world? Why not let Stefan and Craig help guide you in the right direction.

Many times, educators might find a great lesson or an idea to use in class, however it might take him/her too much time to determine how a similar task could be completed/tweaked to meet their students needs. This session will truly be a hands on workshop. Focus will be geared towards Grades 6-12. Bring your laptop/chromebook, and get ready to dive into mathing with tech!

Featured Tools

Online graphing tool allows users to be able to complete calculation as well as participate in mathematical investigations.

Tool that helps make math digital through integration of G-Suite products as well as mathspace - a online space outside of G-Suite to help users show their mathematical thought process.

Platform by which teachers and students collaboratively communicate with one another. Google classroom and Drive help make this happen. Includes Forms, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings

Tool that allows students to showcase their learning verbally and/or visually to help demonstrate their competency of a concept. Teachers can also use the tool to instruct.