MATERIALI NANOFASICI is a National Conference held every two years since 1994, organized under the patronage of CNR, ENEA, Università di Cagliari and Università di Bologna, and held in the past in Rome, Iglesias and Bologna.

The main purpose of MATERIALI NANOFASICI is to stimulate collaborations, contacts and discussion within the national nanoscience community, while sharing the progress of the national and international state of the art of research on nanostructured materials. A series of topics at the frontier of knowledge in the field of nanomaterials is traditionally discussed, as advancements in this research area requires a multi-disciplinary approach that combines materials design, processing, characterization with attention to emerging issues related to metrology and toxicology. Scientific sessions in our program have always included synthesis and innovative synthesis techniques, structural microstructural and morphological characterization by advanced techniques, and the study of chemical and physical properties. An important part of the program was also dedicated to the discussion of emerging applications of such materials, given that extensive research on nanomaterials worldwide in the last years has revealed a number of promising, sometimes unpredictable, properties, which can be exploited in many novel applications, such as in electronics, magnetism, photonics, energy and biology, to name just a few.

In 2018 the Conference officially became one of the Co-Organizers of the NanoInnovation Conference & Exhibition and since then, Conference is organized in conjunction with NanoInnovation.