Areas of research

  • Sensory processing across conscious and unconscious state in humans (coma, sleep)

  • Interplay between interoceptive and exteroceptive sensory inputs processing

  • Multivariate decoding for electrophysiological data in humans

  • EEG based estimation of functional connectivity and interemispheric transfer time

  • Developing quantitative prognostic markers for disorders of consciousness patients

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  • Upcoming talks :

On the 22nd of July, Marzia De Lucia will present "Cardio-audio regularity encoding during human wakefulness, sleep and coma" at the International meeting “TEX2022: Bringing together Predictive Processes and Statistical Learning organized by the International School for advanced study in Trieste.

On the 13th and 15th of July, Andria Pelentritou will present her posters at the meeting of the Association for Scientific Study of Consciousness in Amsterdam: "Preservation of cardio-audio regularity processing as a predictor of coma outcome" & "Cardio-audio and auditory regularity encoding during human wakefulness and sleep"

  • April 2022 - New paper on axon morphological property estimate from in-vivo MRI & EEG data !

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  • March 2022 - Our latest paper on cardiac and neural responses to auditory regularities in sleep and wakefulness is out !