I am a Research Fellow in Cyber Security, School of Computing, Newcastle University (NU), UK. I work on Sensor, Mobile, and IoT Security, Security Standardisation, Usable Security and Privacy, and Cyber Security Education. I work with W3C as an invited expert on sensor specifications. I am particularly interested in real-world multi-disciplinary projects. If you are looking for collaborative projects, contact me.

I am an advocate for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) (a member of EDI committee in the School of Computing, Newcastle University) and particularly support women in STEM.

Sensor Security Workshop, Thinking Digital Conference, UK, 2018


***Sep 2019: I have been accepted by Newcastle University to attend the Aurora's Advance HE's leadership development initiative for women, in 2019-2020. ***Sep 2019: My PhD student, Dante Gray, has joined our SRS group in the School of Computing. He will work on the Security of Sensors in collaboration with Rishad Shakif in the Engineering School. ***Sep 2019: Going to attend and present in W3C TPAC 2019, Fukuoka, Japan.***Sep 2019: SSR 2019 has accepted 7 papers (out of 20 submissions). Please see the website for the program. August 2019: SSR 2019 submission is closed now. We have an exciting set of submissions which will be reviewed next week. June 2019: We are celebrating 50 Years of Campus-wide Computing at the USB, Newcastle University.June 2019: Our paper: "DOMtegrity: ensuring web page integrity against malicious browser extensions" by Toreini, Shahandashti, Mehrnezhad, Hao, is officially published in the International Journal of Information Security, Springer, 2019. May 2019: We ran a trial of our verifiable e-voting system alongside local elections in Gateshead (paper, Gateshead, BBC). May 2019: SSR 2019 will be an ACM CCS workshop this year. May 2019: Our paper "OpBench: A CPU Performance Benchmark for Ethereum Smart Contract Operation Code" by Aldweesh, Alhabry, Mehrnezhad, and Van Moorsel will appear in IEEE Blockchain, USA, 2019. Apr 2019: SSR 2019 website is live and paper submission is open. SSR is alongside CCS this year, both in London. Apr 2019: I am a PC member of STAST 2019 (alongside ESORICS), both in Luxembourg. Please consider submitting to our workshop.Mar 2019: EuroUSec 2019 reviews are finished, the program will be published soon.Mar 2019: In collaboration with Mozilla London and University of Warwick, will be chairing the Int Security Standardisation Research (SSR) Conference, in London, 11 Nov19. Email me if you want to be involved. Feb 2019: Our paper "DOMtegrity: ensuring web page integrity against malicious browser extensions" by Toreini, Shahandashti, Mehrnezhad, Hao, will be published in the International Journal of Information Security, Springer, 2019. Jan 2019: Two fully funded PhD studentships on "Securing Sensors in Insecure IoT", and "Security and Privacy of Medical IoT Devices" available in Newcastle University, email me if interested. Jan 2019: Our paper "What Is This Sensor and Does This App Need Access to It" by Mehrnezhad and Toreini was published in the Informatics Journal.Jan 2019: Nominated by the School of Computing for Newcastle University for Success Celebration Awards for EDI (equality diversity inclusion) activities. Dec 2018: Awarded an StandICT grant to collaborate with sensor industry and standardisation bodies in 2019. Nov 2018: I attended the Mozilla Security Research Summit in London.Nov 2018: STAST 2018 reviews are finished, the program will be published soon.Oct 2018: Hosted a Woman in Mathematics Day in NU, Awarded by the London Mathematical Society. Read the report published by London Mathematical Society (page 19).May 2018: Shortlisted Alumni for Alumni Achievement Award Lifelong Achievement, Newcastle University May 2018: Organised a Sensor Security Workshop in the Thinking Digital Conference. Feb-Sep 2018: Maternity Leave (had a baby girl, Maya)Jan 2018: Being interviewed by the Science News Magazine, see the excellent article by Maria Temming here. Dec 2017: Our paper "Making Sense of Sensors: Mobile sensor security awareness and education " by Mehrnezhad, Toreini, Alajrami, published in STAST, USA. Dec 2017: Our paper "A Child Recognition System Based on Image Selection Patterns " by Nezhad, Mehrnezhad published in STAST, USA. Nov 2017: Attended the "Current issues in SDO decision-making for the internet" conference, The Houses of Parliament, London.Nov 2017: Spoke at the Cyber Security Breakfast event as a panel member, hosted by the Newcastle City Council in the Centre for Life. Aug 2017: School of Computing moved from Claremont Tower to the USB. May 2017: Spoke at Security and Human Behaviour Workshop on human aspects of sensor security, Cambridge.Apr 2017: Out research on Sensor Security was widely featured by the international media e.g. Newcastle University Press Office, BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, Dailymail, NewYork Post, Sun, The Australian, Economic Times, TechCrunch, Engadget, Popular Science, Science Friday, ars Technica, Reddit, xda-developers, CBC News, German Public Radio Deutschlandfunk, Die Welt (German national daily newspaper), Sina , Sohu (Chinese), Masjable (French), Lavoz (Spanish), Etc. Apr 2017: Our paper "Stealing PINs via mobile sensors: actual risk versus user perception", by Mehrnezhad, Toreini, Shahandashti, Hao, was published in the International Journal of Information Security, with a high Altmetric Score (In the top 5% of all research outputs scored by Altmetric ). Apr 2017: Officially finished my PhD "On the security of Mobile Sensors" in the School of Computing, Newcastle University.Mar 2017: Finished my collaboration with Global Black Swan company as R&D ResearcherFeb 2017: Started my new job as a Research Fellow, School of Computing, Newcastle University. Dec 2016: Our paper NFC Payment Spy: A Privacy Attack on Contactless Payments, by Mehrnezhad, Ali, Hao, Moorsel, was accepted and published in SSR, USA.Nov 2016: Won the 2016 Economist Cybersecurity Challenge sponsored by Kaspersky. This work is featured in CoinDesk. See the details here. Nov 2016: Passed my PhD viva. My supervisor was Prof Feng Hao. For publications, please visit my Google Scholar.