Channelled messages I received just before Winter Solstice 2020

and the rare conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on 21 December - 

the Christmas Star


You are being clear cut like a diamond

Ready to sparkle and shine your light clearly into the world

It is uncomfortable, my dear

But be of good cheer, the way is clear.

There is a rigour to this, like a trigger

A starting pistol, ready and wistful, bashful and shy.

Look to the sky, the cosmos is changing, the world is re-arranging.

The old world is being replaced, by a new one.

The race is run, never to be undone.

The curtain is drawn, the New World revealed.

The dross is peeled away, ready for a brand new day.

A star light to show us the way- really a brand new day.

The old order is being blown away.

The sky is splitting open,  dripping diamonds.

Diamonds to be shared far and wide.

Shine your light into the world.


Power up, power up,  power up.

The line is drawn , the line in the sand,

Brothers and sisters,  hand in hand.

Across the sea,  across the sky,  no more time to wonder why.

The time is now, the any how, the any who

This person, that person, the person is you.

Stand up, stand up to be counted, counted and mounted.

On your shiny white horse, ride to the sunset.