Mary Anne Child


Homeopathy, crystal healing, intuitive guidance

I am a homeopath and crystal healer. I offer a pathway back to health using homeopathy, crystal healing and intuitive guidance, to help identify and ease energy blocks to bring balance to body, mind and emotions.

My Story

  • I live in North London.

  • Following a career as a child protection lawyer, a chance invitation to attend an introductory weekend at the College of Practical Homeopathy turned out to be life changing. At first learning about homeopathy was just incredibly interesting and made sense to me on many levels but then I began to realise that I wanted to make homeopathy my career. I qualified in 2013 and have been practising ever since.

  • A few years later I also became drawn to working with the healing power of crystals and qualified as a crystal healer.

  • Nature, ancient sacred and religious sites inspire and sustain me.

  • Following a spiritual path and pursuing my intuitive development, has positively impacted my daily life and added a further dimension to my healing work.

  • I try to live in a heart focused way.

  • I have developed a gift for channelling messages from the subtle realms, the collective consciousness and the Earth’s energy.

Some of my channelled messages and poems are posted on the blog page.