Welcome! Bienvenid@s!

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Politics and International Affairs at Wake Forest University. I received my PhD in Political Science from Tulane University in May 2021.

My research focuses on the political economy of development, with an emphasis on public goods provision, income inequality and collective action both in local governments and cross-nationally. In my dissertation and book project, Informal Institutions, Protest and Local Development in Mexico, I shed light on different ways how small-scale collective action promotes better development outcomes in marginalized rural and urban sub-municipal communities.

My other research focuses on the social protection responses to Covid-19 in Latin America and connections between democratic rule, state capacity, political violence and income inequality in both cross-national and sub-national context. My research on state capacity and income inequality figured recently in New York Times.

I also have a strong interest in quantitative research methods, with a particular focus on multi-method research design and causal inference strategies.

My research has been published or is forthcoming at European Journal of Political Economy, Latin American Politics and Society, Current History and Pensamiento Iberoamericano.

I can be contacted at tmart@tulane.edu.