Order of the Arrow

Who We Are

"Manatoc", the name of our Boy Scout camp, means "high plateau”. "Marnoc" the namesake of our lodge, was a spirit whom supposedly inhabited the forests of Camp Manatoc. Marnoc means, "love of the outdoors".

For many years, Camp Manatoc made an outstanding camper a member of its "Honor Patrol”. The Honor Patrol has many of the same types of requirements and values of the Order of the Arrow. In 1938, the Honor Patrol applied for conversion to a lodge status in the OA; permission was granted, and in 1939 Marnoc Lodge received its first charter. It was reorganized in 1943 and in 1944 saw its first group of Brotherhood members, twenty-two in all. The following year, sixteen more earned the honor. In 1947, the first group of Vigil members was inducted, four receiving the honor that year.

The lodge continued to grow and created four chapters in 1957. In 1961, an additional ceremonial site went under construction to be used in Camp Butler, which adjoined Camp Manatoc. It saw its first use two years later. The OA trail, a thirteen-mile long network of trails through the Cuyahoga Valley, was established in 1966. It was built and has been maintained by the Marnoc Lodge Trail Committee. In 1974, the Great Trail Council reorganized into five districts and Marnoc Lodge added a corresponding chapter to each district. With the council reorganized, Marnoc Lodge has continued to grow and spread cheerful service.

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