Mark Roseland, PhD, RPP

A groundbreaking sustainability leader innovating solutions for communities, governments, and organizations.

Mark Roseland is Professor and past Director of the School of Community Resources and Development, Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions, at Arizona State University, and Senior Global Futures Scientist with the ASU Global Futures Laboratory. Before coming to ASU, he was at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Vancouver, Canada, where he was a professor of planning in the School of Resource and Environmental Management and director of the Centre for Sustainable Development. He is a Registered Professional Planner (RPP) and a member of both the American Planning Association and the Canadian Institute of Planners, and he has worked as Chief City Planner for a municipality in the Metro Vancouver area. He has been cited by The Vancouver Sun as "one of Vancouver’s top 50 living public intellectuals," has received both the SFU Sustainability Network Award for Excellence in Research on Sustainability and the SFU President's Award on Leadership in Sustainability, and he is a Fellow of the ASU Knowledge Exchange for Resilience.  

Dr. Roseland lectures internationally and advises communities, governments, and organizations on sustainable development policy, planning and implementation.  He guides cities and organizations on a variety of sustainability-related plans and associated decision-support and implementation tools.


Dr. Roseland advises Boards on their sustainability practice and guides executives on their sustainability thought leadership.  He has advised a range of organizations including local governments, state/provincial and federal agencies, foundations, developers and media organizations.  He has produced sustainability plans, performance assessments, policy documents, communications strategies, and tools for monitoring, decision-support and implementation. In addition to his field-defining research, teaching and publications, Dr. Roseland helps produce practical innovations in areas such as mobility, food, housing, energy, climate, planning and economic development. 

Dr. Roseland is also the Founder and Director of Pando | Sustainable Communities, Pando LinkedIn, and the Community Capital Lab.