Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the water so low [so high]?

A: The saltmarsh is a Tidal Wetland, this implies the water level changes throughout the day following the tidal cycle.  Because of this the plants and animals need to adapt to this changing ecosystem.

Q: Are those little things swimming in the water tadpoles?

A: No, all the water in this ecosystem has salt in it.  Frogs and toads need freshwater to live and reproduce.

Q: I have these giant, strange looking birds in my trees, I think they're making a nest?

A: Most likely this strange looking backyard bird is aYellow-crowned Night-heron.

Q: When I was at the MNSA I saw little yellow bugs in the mud, what are they?

A: Those little creatures in the mud are Fiddler Crabs.  Male fiddler crabs have one large yellow claw and one small one, while females have two small claws. The large claw looks a bit like a fiddle. The male fiddler crab stand outside their burrow and waves this claw to attract mates. The small claw is needed for gathering algae on the surface of the mud.

Q: When we visited today (8/20) we noticed some unusual scat on the boardwalk.  They looked like seeds or berries.  What animal made these droppings?

A: These droppings along the edges of the boardwalk were made by raccoons.  The raccoons feed on the cherries from the Black Cherry trees planted near the picnic tables and along the fence line trails.  The cherries are a diarrheic and the seeds you see are the undigested pits of the cherries.

Q: Does pH play a role or effect Salinity or vice versa in water?

A: The is no direct relationship between pH and Salinity.  However, the effects of pH do have a relationship to Salinity tolerance in organisms.

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