We are accepting appointments if your group meets the following criteria:

  • Group size based on your organization's, school's or camp's COVID Protocols in accordance with CDC Guidelines

  • All programs are outdoors ONLY and weather dependent on the guest's preference of rain or shine.

Do not be complacent in the opportunities that are giving to you. COVID-19 is still continually active, and your actions will have consequences on the people around you.

The Marine Nature Study Area is a 52-acre preserve in Oceanside, NY that is devoted to environmental education and natural history. It is managed by the Town of Hempstead and features an interpretive center with tanks containing live specimens of marine life and informative displays. The objectives of the area include providing an outdoor laboratory for schools, educating about salt marsh ecology, marine conservation practices, earth science, marine biology, and nature study, as well as opportunities for research in marsh ecology and management for college students, and art and photographic studies.

"Designed to provide education, research, preservation, management practices and to enrich community life"

Official member of The Globe Program

Town of Hempstead : Marine Nature Study Area500 Slice DriveOceanside, NY 11572(516) 766-1580