MAxillofacial bone Regeneration by 3D-printed laser-activated Graphene Oxide Scaffolds

Our mission

We aim to create a breakthrough technology that allows precise mimicking of damaged bone and controllable deposition of extracellular matrix components together with high yield in terms of cell growth and differentiation and efficient antibacterial action

Defect modelling by 3D CAD and Bone Atlas Construction

Design of volumetric data that will be used for 3D printing and the creation of the Bone Atlas of maxillofacial bone defects

3D printing and characterization of graphene scaffolds

3D printing of scaffolds resembling bone defects architecture and mechanical and morphological characterization.

Laser patterning and characterization

Optimization of conditions for scaffold activation through laser-induced reduction and surface wrinkling

In vitro biofunctionality tests

Biocompatibility assessment, evaluation of bacterial infection inhibition, bone regeneration promotion and vascularization capability in vitro

Multifunctional 3D printer prototype construction

Construction of a 3D printer prototype that incorporates Bone Atlas Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) unit, an Injection Volume Filling (IVF) unit and a laser printing unit.

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