SS=Summer Semester (Apr-Sep), WS=Winter Semester (Oct-Mar), each semester consists of approximately 15 weeks of teaching. Exercises usually held by TAs. Unless stated differently, all courses held at TU Darmstadt and in German.


  • Computer System Security (with exercises, 2h+1h/week=5CP). WS 18/19, WS 16/17.

  • Algorithms and Data Structures (with exercises, 4h+2h/week, plus programing project=10CP). SS 20 and SS 19 (both with Christian Janson).

  • Introduction to Computer Science I: Functional and Object-Oriented Programming Concepts (with exercises, 4h+2h/week, plus programming project=10CP). WS 15/16, WS 13/14.

  • Cryptoplexity (with exercises, either 3h+1h or 2h+2h/week=6CP). WS 19/20, SS 18, SS 17, SS 16*, SS 15, SS 14, SS 13, SS 12, SS 11.

  • Real-World Crypto (with exercises, 3h+1h/week=6CP). SS 18, SS17**.

  • Introduction to Cryptography (with exercises, 2h+2h/week=6CP). WS 14/15, WS 11/12, WS 07/08*.

  • Algorithms and Complexity (with exercises, 2h+2h=6CP). SS12.

  • Cryptographic Gems (with exercises, 3h+1h/week=6CP). WS 12/13 (with Pooya Farshim).

  • Advanced Cryptography (with exercises, 2h+2h/week=6CP). SS 09.

  • Cryptographic Hash Functions (with exercises, 2h+2h/week=6CP). SS 10 (with Anja Lehmann).

  • Online Algorithms (with exercises, 2h+1h/week=4.5CP). SS 07.

  • Foundations of Encryption (with exercises, 2h+1h/week=4.5CP). SS06, SS05 (@ETH Zurich).

* "Best exercises" award of the computer science student's body, based on evaluations by students.

** "Best lecture" award of the computer science student's body, based on evaluations by students.

Integrated Courses

  • Research-Oriented Cryptography (4h/week=6CP). SS 20, WS 16/17, WS 14/15, WS 12/13, SS 08*, WS 07/08.

* Ranked second according to students' grades among all courses in the computer science department in that semester for "close connection to research" and "well-prepared lecturer", as well as third for "good supporting examples" and "high motivation for self-studies".


  • Seminar on Cryptography (2h/week=3CP). WS 20/21.

  • Seminar on Writing and Evaluating Scientific Publication in IT Security (2h/week=3CP). WS 20/21.

Practical Courses

  • Practical Course on CAPTCHAs (4h/week=6CP). WS 11/12, WS 10/11, SS 10, WS 09/10, WS 08/09.