Lead with Literacy

A Dave Burgess Consulting Publication

Lead Reader Posters

Our kids NEED leaders in their lives that can not only talk the talk, but can also walk the walk. We need educators in our children’s lives that can put instilling a love of reading above everything else. We need educators that understand that reading is more about building relationships between the text and the reader than it is about the content. Whereas developing reading skills can be a complex process as students emerge from pre-reading skills in phonics to developing fluency and comprehension skills, the most important tenet is that we foster a love of reading!

We need educators that know our students as readers. We need educators that can be the anchor of reading in their classrooms and schools. We need educators that are growing as readers themselves. We need educators that can Teach, Lead, and READ like a Pirate!

It is important to note that this book will not teach you specific skills or strategies for individual classroom lessons that are important to develop phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. The intent of this book is to provide practical and actionable ideas and strategies to deeply embed books, reading, and literacy into the fabric of your school culture. It is my hope that you will find a piece of treasure in this book that you can take back and apply in your classroom easily and quickly. This book is intended to inspire and support school leaders to implement strategies that serve as wrap around approaches to develop an overall school culture of reading.

It is my true mission to ensure that more students have ample access to books with no strings attached and see the adults in their lives as strong models of literacy and lifelong learners.