a repository for all things involving learning by creating, building, tinkering, and making for educators


making4all also is dedicated to fostering the maker, informal learning, & STEM educator community in the CHICAGOLAND AREA! on the site you'll find resources like approved CPS vendors for makerspace supplies, the Chicagoland makerspace map, upcoming events around the city, and profiles of some of the awesome makerspace folks that run spaces for at places like the Museum of Science & Industry or Chicago Public Library. we are dedicated to spreading the power of making throughout Chicago via our supportive, generous, and tight-nit community of informal learning, maker, & school-based educators..

about making 4 all

making4all was started to create a place for educators, designers, researchers, parents, teachers, afterschool instructors, or anyone else that wants to dive into the world of maker education.

there are other sites like this one to be sure, but this site focuses on three specific things: create, discover, & learn

our three core values

create. discover. learn.

"create" is for anyone interested in designing maker learning experiences at their makerspace (or wherever!). This is full of tutorials, guides, products, & ideas to get your going!

"discover" is our section dedicated to research, articles, & texts on STEM, maker, & creative learning. A particular focus of the research is on constructionist learning theory.

"learn" is focused on providing resources to improve your practice as an educator. There is links to books, blogs, MOOCs, in-person courses, & online maker educator groups

Essential Resources

Facilitating Making & Tinkering Activities & Projects

The selected works below are essential pieces of practice-based research and overviews of maker education written by the foremost experts & organizations involved in maker learning.

Essential Resources

  • Making Deeper Learners—A Tinkering Learning Dimensions Framework V2.0
  • Meaningful Making—Projects and Inspirations for Fab Labs and Makerspaces
  • Youth Makerspace Playbook
  • Design Thinking for Educators

Learning Dimensions of Making & Tinkering

Created by The Tinkering Studio @ the Exploratorium

Making Deeper Learners—A Tinkering Learning Dimensions Framework V 2.0

Created by The Exploratorium
Making Deeper Learners- A Tinkering Learning Dimensions Framework v 2.0.pdf
Learning Dimensions Making Tinkering.pdf
Meaningful Making—Projects and Inspirations for Fab Labs and Makerspaces.pdf

Meaningful Making—Projects and Inspirations for Fab Labs and Makerspaces

Created by FabLEARN & Edited by Paulo Blikstein, Sylvia Libor Martinez, Heather Allen Pang

Youth Makerspace Playbook

Created by MakerED with specific contributions by Steve Davee, Goli Mohammadi, Lisa Regalla, and Stephanie Chang
Youth Makerspace Playbook.pdf
IDEO Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit.pdf

Design Thinking for Educators

Created by IDEO