The UnConstitutional

Lawyer Monopoly—Root

Cause of All US Domestic

Problems: Art3 Paragraph 3

REGULATION is the Solution.


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SOLUTION: Article III gives Congress

FULL Authority to REGULATE the Lower

Federal Courts. Tell Congress:Do Your Job

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The dirty BIG secret that the lawyers in the Senate & House don't tell their lackeys (the vast majority of their "colleagues") is that Article III, Paragraph 3 gives "the Supreme Court...appellate Jurisdiction" over the LOWER FEDERAL COURTS "with such ... REGULATIONS as the Congress shall make."  The so-called "independence of the judiciary's" lower federal courts is a MYTH.  Congress has full authority to REGULATE them, and this REGULATION must be done in 100% detail. 

The media are fellow travelers with the lawyers in the word-pushing business.  They keep court corruption — which is RAMPANT — off the public's radar.

The four "bullet"points above are the core of this anti-corruption project, punctuated with Congressional campaigns — and maybe one State legislature campaign.  These "bullet" points are the ONLY bullets that should be used to fix the root cause of every major domestic problem we have.  No firearm bullets or other violence should be perpetrated or suggested.  Beside being illeeegal-style-like, it is not necessary if you have REAL FIGHTERS with REAL SOLUTIONS in Congress; and NOT the same old lawyer-babble.  PLUS, a Mid-America Congressional Center will enable the Heartland States to travel to Congress within a day's drive, so they can petition PEACEFULLY (with comparatively-easy parking). 

It makes sense.  It has to.  It's engineering.

Next, I want to reemphasize what I wrote in Sept 2020: Amendment2: I want to preface this, in light of the murder of the federal judge's son and wounding of her husband and every aspect of that attack. There is no corner of any dimension of the multiverse where you can find any suggestion by me that this is not totally awful.  It should be obvious that I have a LOT of issues with many judges and I believe they should not be judges, BUT violence against them is not only awful; it won't solve any issues about courts, and it will make them worse. That's not just a trite-sounding line."

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Twit4/26 Biden:The Default Dem Candidate For the Debt Default 

(who in his/her right mind would want to be at the head of a crashing train?)—As I've been saying for some time, I believe there will be capital controls to try to contain prices: e.g. odd/even license-plate days for gas (as there were in the 70s); you can't spend your money as you want bc it's not your money. And no, Bitcoin & other crypto instruments (as they are now) are not the solution but enablers of further problems.

   As I've said, I hope Greenspan stays healthy, so he sees the full consequences of the Greenspan Socialist Transform that came out of its cave on 10/15/98 in the final hour of stock market trading.

   Blockchain is a positively-brilliant, economic, computer simulation with a construct of a (potential) currency under particular conditions, but it's too late for bitcoin. (Gold didn't form with a zillion ounces in the pockets of early adopters; it formed in neutron stars—where Bugs was hiding from Yosemite Sam, and Sam had to really work to find Bugs and the gold.)

   Each block in the chain is like a Mousetrap board (a big Christmas '67 hit) where the particular placements, twists, turns of the pieces depend on where the previous-block's cage came down AND on the transaction added to the chain AND on a random number. So the cage comes down in random places on the board over and over as "mining" computers repeatedly try random numbers to start the simulation and find a solution for that block.

   For a successful mining solution of a new block that then gets added to the chain, the cage must come down within a particular, defined "golden" area of the board. If your cage comes down there, you've struck "digital gold," but it's math & a simulation and has no real-world connection to real gold mining. That golden area keeps shrinking as blocks are added to the chain. So it becomes harder over time to find a solution; it takes more computation (and electricity). Because it's math, the block-creation process can go on forever even though the area keeps shrinking (the position of the cage can be as precise as you want with math), but the probability of success is also controlled by math.

  It's without-question ingenious mathematically and economically. It also highlights the difference between real-world people (hard-science, hardware, machinist, natural-resource explorers—those who cannot patch errors with software or words) and software people (who are freakin brilliant but have their particular delusions, as does everyone to an extent) and wordpushers, especially lawyers, who are the most-deluded.

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Get Rid Of The Fokken Lawyers: GROTFL Legislation.

Berman, an Engineer for Senate

Make America Geeky Again!

Failed Law Schools (no surprise) "ACCREDITED" by the ABA—an AGENCY of the 90%+ UnConstitutional Dept of Education.  My Letter to Ted "EZ-Chair" Cruz:

I've given these law reviews much more than a fair shot at correcting 40 years of the lawyer-monopoly-mob's crippling of our Bill of Rights (and gutting due process and property rights) with the 1983 Feldman decision.  Naturally, I got the expected response: boilerplate turndowns (same as Petition DENIED), but silence so far from Texas at Austin—not that anything out of law schools is significant.  After all, they can't admit that, over 40 years, none of the "legal scholars" and "widely respected jurists" can see what a 5th grade class can see.  READ MORE

It is essential that the US hold together for at least 5 (and probably 10) years to counter the principal Russia-China threatWHICH IS NOW WW3. The FED may well be losing control of prices, now. Next up: Capital controls→odd/even-plate gas days, grocery,etc.

     I don't believe the US will remain one country for more than 25 years.  This is unfortunate, but I see it as inevitable.  Sorry, it's the way I see it.  (I could speculate on exactly how and in what sequence the US division(s) will occur, but that would be useless and stupid to do; and I do plenty of useless, stupid things, but not that.) 

     I believe the wound of slavery will not heal, and partly because of those who rub salt in the wound.  However, it's possible the wound should never heal.  I'm not qualified to say because obviously I don't know what it's like to be a slave (a grad-student comes close...naw just hugely kidding for a "joke" -- couldn't resist; I had the world's best advisors and researh group).

     Nor do I know what it's like to have ancestors who were slaves.  The US's dividing might ultimately be a good thing.  I don't think so -- especially for, like, humanity and stuff.  But anyone who has ever diagnosed and fixed any kind of hardware, knows that, on occasion, things turn out unexpectedly good when you thought things were headed for a really bad outcome.  I'm just pointing out what every real-world problem solver has encountered at least once.

     However, I am highly-certain that monopolies -- concentrations of power -- are THE problem.  The two most powerful are the FED infinite-money-printing monopoly, and the ABA-lawyer-monopoly mob.  The second one can be easily-fixed, and Congress has full authority to eradicate it.  The first one is far more complicated.

"It was far from obvious that bubbles, even if identified early, could be preempted short of..inducing a substantial contraction in economic activity." Bullshit, Alan, and BS premise; your EZ-money bubble-gas went full-on with your 10/15/98 double-rate-cut jolt 15min before market close. You set the "gold standard" for market-manipulation; your successors followed. There can and MUST be a real-time calculated component (not entire control) of credit-creation ($$ "supply") & more. Read a Lil Physics LoopéLu* PID control loop, Alan-acolytes: mismatched markets/tax code.

American Bar Assoc Code of Silence: "A lawyer shall not make a statement that the lawyer knows to be false...concerning the qualifications or integrity of a judge." (Who decides? Other judges, of course.) 

ABAthe Govt "agency" accreditor of law schools—Confidential Complaint Procedure: "There is NO APPEAL of a conclusion...that a complaint does not raise issues under the Standards." NO ANONYMOUS complaints accepted. (Get the picture?)

We do NOT have free markets. Tell Growth-Club to shove it.  We have highly-manipulated markets—not the standard euphemism, "managed" markets. The tax code assumes free markets and gives a cap-gains preferred rate for the absorbing risk over time. This mismatches the Greenspan Socialist Transform that falsely has "removed" risk (postponed it), and created the delusion of markets as a statistical debt instrument that pays some "average" rate if you hold it long enough. When the media bark their BS "bear market territory," the FED hews to the political howls⇒No capgain⇒No tax. Real markets go way down & stay down causing self-defenestration (elevated window-exit). Investors learn to take some profit with rising markets⇒capgain⇒tax. Le voilà.

*Little Latin Lupe Lu, for me,was Mitch Ryder, tho I just listened to the Righteous Bros, and it's great—specially hittin' the Wa-Watusi.

Putin: "We will seek to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine." 

Hitler: "The Polish State has refused the peaceful settlement of relations which I desired, and has appealed to arms." 

Hennepin County Burke: "I believe this case is frivolous." 

Putin & Hitler at least gave reasons for their wars. Burke—simply, "I believe," which was "affirmed."  Judges have warred against our Bill of Rights but are exempt (not really, but they do whateverTF they want) from having to give reasons. Retrotrogs. The1983 Feldman case began the rapid destruction of our Bill of Rights—Due Process & property rights  fastest. The ABA must be de-certified as law school accreditor; the lawyer monopoly extinguished.

This campaign is about saving/restoring our rights from the destroyers—monopolies.

You DON'T need any more lawyers in Congress. You Need An Engineer (with engineered Titanium in him:)

Because It Really Is "Different This Time" 

Middle American Morning: Time to End the Lawyer Monopoly, the Royal Class, the Math Incompetents; Get-Rid-Of-The-Fokken (It's Dutch!) Lawyers — GROTFL

About John: Engineer - electronic hardware design and test; MSEE Stanford/Ginzton Lab-applied physics; B.A. Oberlin College, physics, math. email: .  John will not immediately reply to requests for comment, where "immediately" may be >1 year, especially in the case of the Chant Now Network.

Elect practical understanding.  Get things fixed, for a change. 

The final transmission by the pilot, recorded at 1933:17, was "I can hear you, sierra bravo, attempting to maintain altitude." At that point the airplane had descended to 6,800 ft msl and was 2 miles south-southeast of the crash site. At 1933:44, the final radar return was recorded about 1 mile south of the crash site at 300 ft above ground level (agl).

Analysis:Solution:Don't Quit

I didn't quit, and I won't quit on you!

John..I am starting my forty eighth year in emergency services..I do not know if you are a spiritual person; but if there is any validation of guardian angels it would have to be your crash.  So many things were not in your favor. Chief Martin Vigil


When you hear a mother, who is a 911 dispatcher, tell you that her late son was one of the angels watching over you while you were freezing and near death, with your body shattered, that changes you, needless to say.  I'm just gearing up, and I'm not going to quit.

Lots of lawyer candidates.  Lawyers endorsing lawyers.  DC lawyers endorsing more of the same.  Get the picture?  Lots of luck there.  Get an engineer, instead.  Get things fixed, for a change.

We are in "stage 1" (or thereabouts) of hyperinflation, with gasoline prices rising daily and with markets as some "can't lose" play things, with 18 year old kids and ditzy Arkchicks lecturing about supposed "stores of value;" and with a Federal Reserve a one-trick printing pony; and with faked-out regulators.  No other candidate mentions these or understands the crucial implications. And a China-Russia alliance is a BIG problem. The Midwest will get the shaft unless, at a minimum, it has a knowledgable, forceful advocate who focuses on the root cause and the effects.  Don't Be A Sucker!  Elect an engineer, who has experience solving practical problems -- not some polysci/history lawyer who has lived a "professional" life on the wave of the Dues Process state-granted monopoly-mob. The solution assumes it's not too late to solve the problem here.  Monopolies are the problem; our "free" markets are a myth. The DCNY monopolies are the root problems. The solution will stick in a lot of craws.  If you elect a lawyer or the functional equivalent, the Midwest craw will be the big stuckee.  DCNY is out for itself -- its own interests -- not for you. A Midwest regional caucus/alliance is the first step in the only viable solution to break the legal and financial monopolies. Bitcoin -- brilliant as it is -- is not the solution; it is an enabler of a domestic rift not seen in 150 years. 

About John: Engineer - electronic hardware design and test; MSEE Stanford/Ginzton Lab-applied physics; B.A. Oberlin College, physics, math. email: .