Science National Honor Society

Maine South Science National Honor Society continues on Maine South's tradition of scientific, academic excellence. This society aims to encourage students to actively take charge of their scientific education by communicating the benefits that a pursuit of scientific knowledge yield for mankind. Through society-wide projects and activities, students will demonstrate a continued dedication for scientific inquiry, becoming well-educated citizens in the process.

"We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology."

Carl Sagan

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4/25/17 - Technology Tuesday!

Concrete Canvas

4/24/17 - Medical Monday!

A lab has successfully gestated premature lambs in artificial wombs

By Olga Khazan

4/22/17 - Space Saturday!

Signal received! Cassini probe shoots through Saturn's rings

By Lauren Said-Moorhouse

4/20/17 - Theoretical Thursday!

This New Equation Might Finally Unite the Two Biggest Theories in Physics, Claims Physicist

By the BEC Crew

4/18/17 - Technology Tuesday!

This Giant 3D Printer Could Build You a House Today

By David Grossman

4/17/17 - Medical Monday!

Ghana, Kenya and Malawi to take part in WHO malaria vaccine pilot programme

By the World Health Organization

4/15/17 - Space Saturday!

First 'image' of a dark matter web that connects galaxies

By Seth D. Epps and Michael J. Hudson

4/13/17 - Theoretical Thursday!

Theorists perplexed by hints of unexpected new particle

By Emily Conover

4/11/17 - Technology Tuesday!

Tiny ‘Organ Chips’ Promise Big Boost to Testing of Food, Drugs

By Sara Miller

4/10/17 - Medical Monday!

Why do some of us find it easier to forgive? Neuroscience sheds light

By Ana Sodoiu

4/8/17 - Space Saturday!

NASA has an unusually bold plan to find life on Europa

By Sarah Fecht

4/6/17 - Theoretical Thursday!

When Helium Behaves like a Black Hole

By Joshua E. Brown

4/4/17 - Technology Tuesday!

Researchers are working on robots that can monitor and care for the elderly

By Katie Collins

4/3/17 - Medical Monday!

In 2030, the Top Cancer in HIV Patients May Be a Surprise

By Nick Mulcahy

4/1/17 - April Fool's Day!

The Scientific Significance of April First

By Richard A.

4/1/17 - Space Saturday!

Elon Musk’s Reusable Rocket Just Changed The Space Game

By Tim Fernholz

3/30/17 - Theoretical Thursday!

The 17+ Different Kinds of Ice

By SciShow

3/28/17 - Technology Tuesday!

Stampede supercomputer helps researchers design jets with morphing wings, or built from composite materials, that will burn less fuel

By University of Texas at Austin and Texas Advanced Computing Center

3/27/17 - Medical Monday!

New stem cell method produces millions of human brain and muscle cells in days

By Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

3/25/17 - Space Saturday!

Air Force's Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Breaks Orbital Record

By Mike Wall

3/23/17 - Theoretical Thursday!

Physicists prove that it's impossible to cool an object to absolute zero

By Lisa Zyga

3/21/17 - Technology Tuesday!

As Hyperloop progress glides forward, here's what you need to know

By Will Nicol

3/20/17 - Medical Monday!

New tool accurately predicts risk of chronic disease

By Ana Sandoiu

3/18/17 - Space Saturday!

Vast luminous nebula poses a cosmic mystery

By Tim Stephens

3/17/17 - Phenomena Friday!

Shock Diamonds

By Fraser Cain

3/16/17 - Theoretical Thursday!

Stars align in test supporting “spooky action at a distance" (quantum entanglement)

By Jennifer Chu

3/14/17 - Pi Day!

Some cool pi videos:

3/14/17 - Technology Tuesday!

Disney Scientists Turned an Entire Metal Room into a Wireless Charger

By Kacey Deamer

3/13/17 - Medical Monday!

How does the immune system know friend from foe in gut bacteria?

By Catherine Paddock, PhD