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My graduated American mah jongg learning system helps people who want to make new friends or strengthen existing friendships to gather into groups of four or eight by learning how to play a wonderful Chinese tile-matching game called American mah jongg instead of going it alone and missing out on great comradery.

May the jokers be with you!



American Mahjong is as old as the 1860's in China and then was expanded to Asia and then Europe in the 1900's.


Joseph Babcock brought Mahjong to the US around 1923, then Americanized it and in 1937 the National Mah Jongg League centralized the rules.


A great on-line American Mahjong game can be found at mahjong timedotcom. Beginners can start in the "school" and then graduate to competitive games. Think of a creative handle before you sign-up. Play against Zazzles if you want me as an opponent :).


Just a few of the 152 American Mahjong tiles.

 Please contact Megan at 310-579-7383 for information on classes.

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Long term friendships are forged through the fun activity of playing American Mahjong. Adding food and drink is an option to your morning, afternoon or evening games.

Next Door review:

Mahjong Megan McGrath, in Santa Monica and greater Los Angeles, comes highly recommended as a superb and passionate Mahjong teacher. Megan is praised for her organized teaching style, covering everything from the basic rules to the etiquette and strategies of the game. Her classes are described as fun and engaging, and she is known for helping her students connect with other mahjong players in the area. Megan's students have seen significant improvements in their game under her guidance. She is recognized for her deep understanding of the rules and her ability to create a lively and enjoyable gaming environment. Megan McGrath is the go-to teacher for anyone interested in learning American Mahjong. 

Get in touch with us at & 310-579-7383.